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Help set the style of your building with the type of doors you choose. Planning on storing several big items inside? Make sure to get double doors. Want a classier look for your shed? Upgrade to Carriage House doors. Choose a door with windows and a house lock set for your home/sales office.
Below are all our standard door sizes and available options. Custom sizes also available! Ask you local sales manager for more information.


Your Door Options:

Fiberglass Doors (6 foot standard height)

1. Standard Fiberglass Door (3' single and 4', 5', or 6' double door)

2. Colonial Archtop Doors (3' single and 5' or 6' double door​)

3. 3-Lite Door (includes transom window in door)

4. 9-Lite Door (includes window with 9 grid sections)

5. 11-Lite Door (includes window with 11 grid sections and rounded top)

6. Full Glass Door (with or without grid)

7. 6' Double Siding Doors (includes grid)

8. Add a House Locket and/or Deadbolt

Pine Creek Structures fiberglass door options


Wood Doors (6 foot standard height, but can be customized)

8. Standard Wood Door (3' single and 4', 5', or 6' double door)

9. New England Wood Door (3' single and 4', 5', or 6' double door)
Includes wider trim, transom windows, and New England hardware

10. Dutch Door
Door split into two sections and top can open separately

Pine Creek Structures wood door options


Carriage House Doors

11. 42"x6' Single Entry Door

12. 7'x6' Double Door

Choose between Arch Top or Square Transom Windows